Zuzka Natural Beauty: AHA Fruit Acid Luminescence Mask

Want glowy skin in 10 minutes? Here's the little gem that will do just that...

I was kindly gifted the Zuzka Natural Beauty AHA Fruit Acid Luminescence Mask through the Bloggers Hub about two weeks ago and have been giving it a go ever since. It claims to be a high performance lightening mask, containing AHA fruit acid, organic lemon & an exclusive whitening formula that resurfaces the skin, leaving it smooth, fresh & luminous with a unified tone. With having some scarring and pigmentation on my face, along with a few angry red spots, this product came just at the perfect time. 

I have really sensitive skin, and can sometimes (weirdly) react badly to natural products, as they can often be heavily scented due to the natural ingredients in them. I first applied this before a night out, and was a little worried that it may send my skin into a crazy rash (which another natural face mask sadly did) but was pleasantly surprised when it didn't! It has a really lovely clean smell to it, that reminds me a little of Aloe Vera gel. It's a kind of yellow/clear gel formula, that applies really easily onto a clean face. It suggests to leave it on for 20 minutes, but I only left it on for 10, due to worrying about a bad reaction. However, I used it again a few days later and left it on for the full 20 minutes, and my skin was completely fine with it. Wahoo!

Upon washing it off with a warm flannel, I found my skin to be super smooth, and have a slight glow to it. Result! I can't really comment on how useful it is at fading scarring and pigmentation yet, as I haven't been using it long enough, but it definitely does give a lovely glow to the skin. I also found my makeup applied better, and looked smoother once on which was amazing as I always struggle to get my foundation and concealer to apply well. I'm looking forward to using this more often, and will report back if I notice any improvements with my scarring and pigmentation! They also sent me a booklet of all of their products, which I've been loving flicking through! They're are a crazy amount of options and I'm so tempted to make an order now knowing my skin reacts well to their products!

You can pick this mask up on their website for £25 here or pop and ask them any questions you might have on Twitter here.

Have you tried anything from Zuzka Natural Beauty?

Laura x

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