A Passion For Natural: Aloe Vera Range

All natural? Organic? Feel amazing on your skin? These bad boys are just what you're after...

I was recently, and very kindly, sent some products by a wonderful company called Passion for Natural. I love the concept of this company, an all natural, organic brand who have recognised the benefits that organic ingredients can give us! Here's a quote I was rather fond of from their website,

"Passion for Natural targets natural and organic materials that can introduce fantastic benefits to our products. We combine these with the very best modern ingredients taking the care to use ethical, sustainable and renewable sources whenever we can. We do not neglect our packaging selection either; we have designed our products with easy to recycle packs."

I was sent the Aloe Vera Body Butter, and the Aloe Vera Body Scrub which since photographing for this picture, I have been using daily and adoring them! They leave your skin feeling beautifully fresh with a lovely clean scent, which is such a refreshing feeling compared to some body products that can leave your skin feeling a little greasy and smelling of chemicals! My skin felt softer than it had in a long time. I'm also a huge fan of the packaging, I've never seen a body butter with two little lunch box style clips before, or a body butter that flicks open. It makes it so so much easier that trying to unscrew and re-screw a lid when your hands are wet/covered in moisturiser! I think these are quite easily my new favourite body products, and I will most certainly be buying these again when I run out! I've also got my eye on a few other bits in the Aloe Vera range, I think the Aloe Vera Moisturising Mist looks fab!

You can buy the Body Butter here for £8.95 and the Body Scrub here for £10.95, which I think is an excellent price for organic products!

Have you tried anything from a Passion For Natural before? 

Laura x

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